Why is Netflix watching games?

Netflix is reportedly watching games on its platform, but the company is reportedly not in a position to share the content.

A number of games have been shown to Netflix, but they have been rated M or M+ in terms of violence, gore, and sexual content.

The service also appears to have an ongoing agreement with Sony and Microsoft to stream PlayStation 4 games.

In a recent interview with GamesBeat, the company’s VP of content and licensing Chris Berg said the content on Netflix would likely be more of a subset of its catalogue, rather than a full slate of games.

He told GamesBeat that while Netflix would continue to be in the business of providing streaming services for gaming and the like, it would also have access to content that might not be in its regular lineup of titles.

“We are in a unique position to bring you more games that we think are worthy,” Berg said.

“You don’t have the same ability as a traditional publisher to offer you a full library of content that you’re familiar with.”

He added that the company has an ongoing relationship with Sony, but added that “that is a relationship that is not exclusive to Netflix.”

Berg said that “a lot of our content is more niche” and “doesn’t represent our usual lineup.”

He also noted that the content is not always available on all platforms.

“It’s hard to know if they’re just making the games they’re going to show you and they’re not trying to make the games that are in the library they’re trying to sell,” Berg told Games Beat.

“It’s very difficult.”

The move by Netflix could be seen as a sign of the company looking to be more involved in gaming.

A few months ago, Netflix started to stream its own slate of movies, including “The Revenant,” and has already shown a number of high-profile films.

Netflix’s content is already a significant portion of its audience.

However, Berg told Gamasutra that Netflix’s relationship with PlayStation 4 would remain with Netflix and not be affected by the streaming of games to Netflix.

“The same content will be available on PlayStation 4 as it is on PlayStation 3,” he said.

“Netflix will still be providing that content on PlayStation Plus and on PlayStation TV.”

Boris Epshteyn, VP of media at Sony Pictures Entertainment, told Gamesbeat in a separate interview that Netflix is “a great partner” and that the platform is “very important” to the company.

“They have an incredible library of movies and TV and that is why we’ve been very excited about their partnership with them,” Epshteryn said.

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