When TV Ratings Are Down: Is There A Solution?

T he biggest surprise of the 2016 election season was the dramatic decline in TV ratings.

As election season draws to a close, the numbers are looking like they could be the most important indicator of how voters will cast ballots in November.

The TV ratings are down, but the ratings for most other broadcast and cable networks remain strong.

So is there a solution?

There are.

Here are five things to consider: What do ratings tell us about the candidates?

The election’s biggest ratings story was that of the presidential race.

This was one of the first times since the 1960s that the TV ratings were such a crucial indicator of a presidential election.

The 2016 race featured four candidates, two of whom had been running for the White House in the past, and a third who had been the nominee.

While the ratings were down overall, in some key markets, they were higher than in previous years.

In some areas, like Philadelphia, the ratings dropped to a point where a candidate like Donald Trump could be assured of winning the election.

It was a story of ratings and politics.

What else do ratings have to do with the election?

One of the most widely reported stories of the year was the decline in ratings for NBC’s Sunday Night Football.

It’s no surprise, given the controversy that erupted when the network was caught airing a commercial that depicted the presidential candidate grabbing women’s genitals.

In the end, NBC said that the commercial was not intentional and it had nothing to do, in any way, with the candidate’s behavior.

While NBC has had a pretty good track record with its election coverage, its ratings numbers have declined over the years, especially during the 2010 and 2014 election cycles.

But the 2016 campaign was different.

NBC had to take a different approach.

For the first time in its history, the network decided to show an entire game in its prime-time lineup in prime time, even if the game was not scheduled to air on the network.

NBC also announced that it would be using a new live-streaming technology called “In-Play” to show live games from its studio in New York City.

This technology allows the network to broadcast live games that would normally only be shown in a studio.

But in-play broadcasts were not going to be on Sunday Night Sports or NBC’s own primetime broadcast of the Democratic National Convention.

Instead, they would be shown on the NBC broadcast of Fox News’ prime-night show.

This move meant that NBC’s ratings would be lower than they had been in the previous three presidential election cycles combined.

So was there a big impact on the presidential election?


In fact, it was the biggest surprise in election history.

But what about other election stories?

NBC and ABC have also reported declines in ratings, which could be due to other reasons, including the presidential debates and the number of voters who were able to cast their ballots early.

If there is a big difference in ratings between a campaign that is losing and one that is winning, that could be an indication that a change is occurring in how voters are casting their ballots.

The difference in numbers also could be a sign of an advantage for one candidate over the other.

This year, for example, Republican candidate Donald Trump has a much higher negative ratings than Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

That could be because Clinton is being more aggressive in attacking Trump than she was in the primary.

This is a different kind of story than the one that emerged last year in which Bernie Sanders had a higher negative rating than Donald Trump.

While it’s true that Trump and Clinton are different candidates, they are in different stages of the election cycle, with Trump at his strongest.

If Trump and the other candidates can maintain this level of strength, that would be a positive sign for the general election.

In other words, this could be one of those cases where the big story in the election isn’t the candidate in the White Castle, but rather the election itself.

What about all the other major news events that took place during the campaign?

It was also important to remember that most major news stories took place in the final days before the election, in the weeks leading up to the voting.

In that regard, it’s possible that the drop in ratings could have been caused by a handful of other major events.

In a number of battleground states, for instance, voter registration numbers fell as Election Day approached.

These are states that voted heavily for President Donald Trump in the general.

Trump had a lot of momentum on Election Day, especially in states that were highly Democratic.

If turnout in those states dropped as the election approached, that may have helped Clinton.

In any case, many voters were discouraged from voting early, which is why there were fewer early voting days than usual.

If that happens, it could also be due in part to a lack of information on how to register to vote.

In one swing state, Ohio, more than 2

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