WATCH: Watch: Watch this new show from Netflix UK

Watch:Watch:Watch the newest Netflix UK TV show calledWatch: Watch the newest tv show calledThe Watch, as it was first named, is the first new show on Netflix UK since last summer.

Netflix UK has also released a new promo clip for the show, and its calledThe First Watch, and the new trailer is below.

Watching it will be a bit like watching a new episode of The Wire.

It’s not exactly a soap opera, but it will feature some interesting twists and turns.

The series, which follows the lives of a fictional crime families and their struggle to hold on to their past and hold onto the memories of the past, is currently streaming on Netflix in the US and UK.

The first two seasons of The Watch were originally released on Netflix Canada last year.

The show has now been renewed for a third season, and Netflix UK will begin streaming the series on September 18.

Watch the first teaser trailer for The Watch below.

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