WATCH: Watch TNT Directv and PGA Directv in India

Watch Tnt Directv India is one of the most popular TV channels in the country, with more than 100 million subscribers.

But the company has recently been hit by a series of controversies over alleged financial irregularities.

Earlier this year, Tnt faced controversy over the sale of three properties in the city of Kochi.

The channel, which is also a partner of the Tata group, has been hit with controversy over a series a property it bought in Kochi for $1.9 million in 2009, which has been blamed on corruption and tax evasion.

The sale, which took place after Tnt bought the property, has not been publicly explained, and the properties have not been sold in public auctions.TNT, which also owns TEN, has faced a number of controversies in recent years.

The channel faced accusations of being biased in its coverage of the Indian election.

In December 2014, the company paid a huge fine for airing a series on the Gujarat riots in which it claimed the BJP government was “running amok”.

Tnt also faced a series-ending lawsuit after airing a documentary titled “The Untold Story of the Gujarat Gange Massacre”.

Last month, TNT was also hit by controversy when it was revealed that it had sold four properties to a US firm for $4.6 million, which the company claimed was a profit-sharing arrangement between TNT and the US firm.

The deals were reportedly for the development of an “entertainment park” in Mumbai.

Tnt denied that the deal was a financial arrangement between the two companies.

Tnt has also been accused of airing misleading and misleading programmes.

In January, TNS aired a documentary called “The Rise and Fall of India”, which claimed that the country was in a “frozen civil war” as part of a global conspiracy.

In the documentary, a series titled “Narendra Modi’s Gujarat Emergency”, was also aired.

The programme claimed that Narendra Modi was the prime minister of India from 1993 to 2014.

In March, TNN aired a series entitled “India’s Economic Miracle”, which purported to show that the “world is on the verge of a economic miracle”.

The programme was funded by TNS’ parent company Tata Media, which was one of Tata Group’s major investors.

In July, TNN aired a film titled “India in Crisis”, which alleged that the Narendra Modi government was responsible for the deaths of nearly 40,000 people during the 2014 protests in Delhi.

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