New York City’s newest and best TV-series is here!

New York’s newest series is out, and it’s an East Side favorite.

The TNT Easty, a reboot of a popular NBC sitcom, is set in the year 2000.

The series follows a group of friends (including T.J. Miller) who find themselves in New York in the midst of a massive outbreak of pandemic-related violence and disease.

T.N. Easty follows an ex-con who’s a former gang member and tries to reintegrate into society after being kicked out of his old gang.

He also tries to become a successful actor and his best friend gets involved with the cast.

The show’s creator, T.P. Sridhar, has written and produced the series since last summer, and T. N. Eastys creator, Steve Koonin, is also working on the series.

TNTEasty premieres on TNT on June 27.

Watch: New York Daily News

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