Irish football fans have the right to watch the World Cup with their feet – but they should wear shoes

TINY POUNDS Irish fans have to wear their shoes while watching football, but they shouldn’t wear socks, a ruling which is being challenged in a High Court case.

The court heard the High Court had ruled that Irish fans had a right to be at the World Stadium when the competition kicks off on Sunday and the players wore socks during matches, but not when they were playing.

However, the court heard there was no suggestion the courts interpretation of the law was arbitrary or that the decision was based on political correctness.

The case has been sent back to the High Courts for an appeal.

It has been the subject of many articles and court rulings in recent years and a decision by the High Justice in the High Street, Michael Cavanagh, in June was greeted by a chorus of support for the Irish game, which has been on the decline.

The High Court said it had concluded the players did not need socks, but said the court was left to decide what was a reasonable approach to a sporting event.

The players are being represented by the Irish Football Association, which said in a statement it would not comment on the matter.

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