How to Watch Tnt on PS4, PS Vita, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, and Mac

The first time I saw Tnt was back in 2013, when I tried to stream it on my PS3 and it didn’t play.

That’s not to say I was completely unimpressed by the project, but I was definitely a little disappointed when it failed to launch.

Tnt has since gained traction on Twitch, and now the team behind the platform is offering up a beta for the console.

The beta includes the ability to stream and play games on PSN, PS4 and Xbox Live.

There are also new features like the ability for the streamer to see the player’s position, and a new option for the streaming platform to auto-pause a stream when a player goes offline.

The game can also stream directly from the PlayStation Store, though it doesn’t seem like a good idea for the game’s current developers to release the game to that platform.

Tnt is also adding a new feature for those who already own the game on PS3 or PS4.

Users will be able to buy a bundle of the game and watch it from their PS3 as well as the PS4 with the Tnt developer team working on a future update.

This is great news for those looking to buy the game now, and the PS3 version of the app is free, though you can still buy the PSN version if you want to.

The Tnt developers have also confirmed that they will be working on improving the streaming experience.

This update will likely make streaming even more of a breeze, and it is worth noting that this is a beta at this point, so you may not see this feature in full release.

There’s also a chance that the beta could eventually become a full release, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

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