How to watch TNT Football on iTv

TNT on Fox Sports’ NFL Network is getting a brand new channel with the introduction of TNT Watch.

The channel will offer up-to-the-minute coverage of all the NFL games on all platforms, including on-demand on-Demand streaming of the TNT games on NFL Network, and it will offer exclusive behind-the_scenes content with TNT and its partners including HBO.

The channel will debut on August 15, with the debut date to be confirmed at a later date.TNT Watch will feature all the TSN broadcasts of the NFL, including the New York Jets, Buffalo Bills, New England Patriots, Dallas Cowboys, Seattle Seahawks and Carolina Panthers.

The new channel also promises to be the first to provide up-close video coverage of every game and highlight highlights from the league’s regular season and playoffs.

Tune in to TNT for the first time on September 4, when the first season of TNB, an upcoming live channel on the NFL Network with an initial launch date of October 2, kicks off.TNN will debut its first season on TNT in October 2018, and the channel will also debut an exclusive behind the scenes feature with TNN and its partner HBO.

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