How to Watch The Tnt Watch for FREE on Apple TV, Roku and Android Smart TVs

Google has updated its app for Apple TV and Google Chromecast to allow users to watch videos on the two devices with free-to-air TV content from the BBC, Sky and BBC World News.

Users can start watching content from Sky, Sky News and Sky News HD from any Apple TV or Chromecast, but Apple TV users will have to pay for a subscription.

The new app also brings an updated and redesigned newsstand, as well as a new app that brings the BBC’s news app to the TV.

Apple TV users who already have an Apple TV can still access the BBC News app, but they’ll need to be subscribed to the BBC Now subscription to get the news.

BBC iPlayer and iPlayer HD are free to download, as are the BBC Radio apps for Windows, Mac and Android devices.

The BBC said the new Apple TV app was updated on Wednesday and allows users to access BBC News from an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV Remote or an Android tablet.

Apple also said it was adding an iOS app, BBC News iOS.

BBC News for Apple devices is now available on the App Store and the BBC iPlay store for free, with the app’s content now available in the BBC app on Apple devices.

The BBC app also supports Apple TV as a remote control, a BBC News feature introduced in 2018.

The new BBC app will be available in stores across the UK from November 1.

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