How to watch Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Now in the new iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and Xs mini

With Apple unveiling its new iPhone 8 on Wednesday, the new hardware could mean the end of a lot of Apple TV devices.

It’s not the end for streaming services, either.

Apple TV owners have had a steady stream of options since the introduction of the new device last year.

But the platform was not available on every Apple TV model, and some users have reported having trouble using it on their Xs and Xr models.

The biggest problem for those who use Apple TV is that it’s just not as customizable as the other streaming platforms.

Apple has introduced an app for iOS that allows you to tweak and tweak Apple TV settings and set your own defaults.

You can tweak how much storage you want on the device, how many channels and movies you want to watch, how much video you want, and more.

It has a number of options to make the streaming experience even more customizable.

The app is available on the iPhone and iPad, and it can also be downloaded for the Mac, too.

You’ll need to make sure you’re running iOS 10.4.1 or later.

The streaming apps available in the Apple TV app are not all the same.

The iOS 10 app has a new interface and looks a little different from the app that runs on other platforms.

There are also a lot more streaming options than there are in the TV app.

For example, you can now watch Netflix on the Apple Watch, as well as on an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV.

The iPhone and iPhone X are also the only devices to support HDR video on Apple TV, as opposed to HDR standard on other devices.

If you want HDR on your Apple TV device, you’ll need an HDR-capable TV.

But you’ll also have to upgrade to the Apple HDR Premium service, which includes access to the new Apple TV HDR Premium app.

The Apple TV streaming apps also have a new look, too: they’re more colorful.

And the apps that come with the AppleTV are not the same as the ones you might get with other streaming services.

The Netflix app has been revamped, for example, with a new design and a much cleaner interface.

You will need to use the new Netflix app to watch any of the streaming services in the app, like HBO Now or HBO Go.

The Hulu app, on the other hand, has been overhauled with a lot fewer changes.

The new Hulu app has its own interface and has fewer features than other streaming apps.

For instance, it does not support Apple TV or Apple Watch.

Hulu also doesn’t support the new Roku app, but it does support Apple TVs that come in the Roku app.

In addition, the app supports only one channel at a time, and that’s it.

The Roku app is also missing a lot.

Roku users can watch any number of channels, but they won’t be able to see any of them on their Roku box.

Hulu is also not yet compatible with the Roku player on an iPad or iPhone.

There is also no Apple TV apps for Roku.

If all of this is not enough, Apple has also added a few other streaming features to the streaming apps that you can already find in other streaming boxes.

For the most part, the streaming app apps that Apple TV users have access to are very similar to those that you’ll find in streaming services from other platforms, including Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

If the streaming software that you use is not compatible with Apple TV’s streaming functionality, the only option you have to watch content on your iPhone is to use iTunes Match to access the apps on Apple TVs.

You need to sign in to the iTunes app on your Mac to use that option.

On the other side of the coin, if you want the option to stream content from an Apple TV on an iOS device, then you’ll have to purchase an AppleTV adapter for it.

You also can’t use a Hulu subscription on an Apple iPhone, but you can subscribe to Hulu Plus, which is another streaming service that runs natively on iOS devices.

That way, you don’t have to install third-party apps on your iOS device to watch Hulu content.

Apple’s new streaming apps will be available on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad later this fall.

The company has promised that the new streaming services will work across devices.

The most interesting news about these streaming apps is that they’ll support HDR, which means you can watch HDR content on a TV that’s not compatible.

The only way to get the Apple TVs HDR Premium or Apple HDR Plus is to purchase the new Hulu Plus subscription, which will include access to an Apple TVs version of the apps.

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