How to get your own tnt West Watch for your tnt device.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a tnt watch, but the company is back with a new version of its iconic smartwatch, tnt’s West Watch.

The new device is a sleek, simple, and functional watch that’s just a bit more interesting than its predecessor.

The West Watch is also one of the first tnt devices to offer Android Wear support.

That means you’ll be able to use it with Google Assistant, Google Now, and Google Now on Tap.

The company also adds a new, sleek, and elegant design to the device.

The main screen features an Android Wear icon, which you can also tap to open the tnt app, or swipe from the bottom of the screen to open up the watch’s home screen.

On the home screen, you’ll find the tnd smartwatch app.

This app allows you to set the time and date of day, adjust the brightness of the watch, and set alarms, timers, and reminders for the day.

It also allows you and your family to sync up your notifications with other devices using Bluetooth.

The device is available in two colors, black and white, with a black model that comes with a stainless steel bracelet.

It’s a good price and is on sale right now.

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