How Jussie Smollett and Charles Barkley made Jussie the joke on the TNT show, Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Jussie is a huge Jussie!

The animated show has been going strong for the past year, and this week, the show got its first big big new addition: The King of Queens.

It’s a show that’s been growing up in America, with new episodes being released regularly.

The show has a lot of fans in America.

They are so supportive of Jussie, that they have taken the time to make fun of him and the show on Twitter and Facebook.

The joke is that Jussie gets the King of Kings nickname when he gets in trouble.

It starts with Jussie trying to call his wife to tell her to get out of bed.

She tries to tell him to stop, but he doesn’t listen.

She ends up calling the police, who come and arrest him.

She tells him he’s in jail, and he just laughs, saying he didn’t do anything.

The King then gives him a ride home.

He gets in the car and the joke is on him, says Jussie.

You got a job, Jussie says.

And I’m going to get the King to give you his car, and you’re going to go drive it to his house and take it home, because it’s his, because you know that’s what you do, because I’m the King.

He’s joking, but the King doesn’t see it that way.

He calls Jussie and says that he can’t do that because he is the King, but Jussie refuses to accept it.

He tells the King he is going to do whatever he wants.

Then he gets into the car, drives to the house, and gets into his car and drives home.

When the King drives home, he stops the car at the driveway and looks out the window, and says “you got a big job, you know.”

You have a job to do, Jeezus.

I know you do.

And you’re a huge jussie.

He drives off and then Jussie’s back on the phone, telling him the joke, which is now making the King laugh.

This is so funny.

I mean, it’s funny, it actually does get a little bit more serious, which was what we all hoped for, and it really did.

Jussie was the only new character introduced on the show this week.

There’s always a lot to talk about when it comes to comedy.

There were tons of jokes about the King and his wife, the police and the court, but also about Jussie himself.

There was even a reference to the late Steve Harvey being a big fan of the show, which some people found quite funny.

This was a show about love, and people have been saying they can’t believe that this show has come so far in the past two years.

We’re all just so proud of this show, and so happy with how it’s grown over the past couple of years. 

It was nice to see Jussie in the spotlight, because he was always a little behind the scenes.

He was a big part of the writing process.

When we wrote Jussie back in 2013, it was an idea that came out of the writers’ room.

It was an original script that was meant to be a one-off, to show a new take on the King that we didn’t know what to do with.

We were going to write Jussie as the King’s son.

He didn’t make it, but we made it up as we went along.

But when we started to develop it, it became a little more serious and it became clear that we were going with a different approach.

We thought that it would be funny to have a character who had a little connection with his father, who was a good guy, and then we would have the opportunity to have him make jokes and see the reaction that he gets.

So we wrote him as the father’s son, and we started writing Jussie on his dad’s side, which turned out to be more fun than we initially thought.

But then when we got to write him as Jussie with his mom, it turned out that he was not going to be that good at the job.

The way that we approached it is that we did our best to make him the best character we could, but it’s not a show where he’s just going to make jokes.

So there were a lot more twists in there.

And then there was this whole idea of Jee-Jee being the father, which really got me thinking about that in terms of a way to represent Jussie being a father, because the joke about his dad is very important to Jee, because that’s how we came to the conclusion that we wanted him to

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